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SBR Sports Europe was founded by two passionate athletes, Karen Allard and Marcin Łogin, who shared a vision of enhancing the comfort of physical activities. With a deep understanding of the demands that sports and training put on the body, they set out to create a range of products that would help athletes perform at their best while feeling their best. Their commitment to quality and innovation has led to the development of products like TRISWIM, FOGGIES, and SKIN SLICK, which have become trusted by athletes around the world. Thanks to Karen and Marcin's unwavering passion for sport and dedication to improving the athlete experience, SBR Sports Europe has become a leader in sports skincare and accessories.

We are Europeans
The story, which began in the USA in 2004, is reaching further and further!
And yes, our products were developed in the sunny state of California, USA but SBR Sports Europe operates in multi-cultural Europe from where we come and get our inspirations to improve our products. European market offers numerous opportunities to learn more about amateur and professional sport, which tends to differ depending on a country. We are inspired and motivated to reach beyond Europe.

We are Swimmers, Athletes, Amateurs
We are into sports. We want to use our experience to keep you active and comfortable at the same time. We test all SBR Sports products ourselves.
We are Inventors
We create our products as early as the production stage to make sure that SBR Sports products do the trick and then we test them ourselves.
Our vision
Take pleasure in comfortable sport.
Keeping you comfortable, keeping you active.
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