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Anti-Fog Cleaning Wipes For Swimmers & Divers (6-pack)

Anti-Fog Cleaning Wipes For Swimmers & Divers (6-pack)

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➤ FOGGIES Premium anti-fog towelettes were designed for lens of swim goggles and scuba masks. FOGGIES are unique wipes that additionally cleans sediments left for exapmle by the pool water, such as copper compounds. These wipes will make you feel safe on whatever path you choose to take. No need to deal with foggy goggles ever again.

➤ EASY TO USE: Using the FOGGIES wipes is simple and easy! Simply wipe a thin film of FOGGIES onto the inside and outside of the goggle’s surface, then let dry. Seconds later, the solution will disappear and you are left with surface that will not fog up under the most extreme conditions. Tested by numerous athletes and created by athletes, FOGGIES wipes are sure to defog your goggles hassle-free.

➤ REUSABILITY: FOGGIES can be re-used multiple times if kept airtight. It is recommended to put the FOGGIES in a ziplock bag so that the anti-fog active compounds do not evaporate, so you can use your wipe for longer!

➤ SAFE FOR ALL LENSES: Ideal for Swimming goggles, Diving & Scuba masks, Ski & Snowboard goggles, fashion eyewear, cycling eyewear, safety helmets, sunglasses, camera lenses and more. See beyond, with professional eyewear and goggles antifog towelettes from FOGGIES!

➤ OTHER USES: Tested by numerous medics and workers FOGGIES can be successfully used with face shields, medical and industrial goggles - for greater certainty, you can apply s
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