FOGGIES Unique Cleaning Anti-Fog Wipes For Swimmers

Experience clear vision with FOGGIES Premium Anti-Fog Towelettes. Specifically designed for swim goggles and scuba masks, these wipes not only prevent fogging but also effectively clean sediments like copper compounds left by pool water. Say goodbye to foggy goggles and embrace a clear view on any adventure.

Easy to use, FOGGIES wipes offer a hassle-free solution. Apply a thin film to the inside and outside of your goggles, let it dry, and witness fog-free surfaces even in extreme conditions. Tested and created by athletes, FOGGIES ensures a defogging experience you can trust.

Optimize reusability by keeping FOGGIES airtight. Store them in a ziplock bag to preserve the anti-fog active compounds, extending the life of your wipes for prolonged use.

Safe for all lenses, FOGGIES is ideal for various eyewear, including swimming goggles, diving masks, ski goggles, and more. Beyond sports, these towelettes have been tested for use with face shields, medical, and industrial goggles, providing certainty in various settings.

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