TRISLIDE Sports Spray

TRISLIDE Anti-Chafe & Anti-Blister Spray is your ultimate solution for friction-free performance, specially designed for athletes engaged in water sports like triathlons, swimming, and surfing. This advanced formula, presented in a convenient 4oz aerosol, ensures mess-free application, unlike traditional products. With its continuous spray mechanism, TRISLIDE effectively prevents chafing, blistering, and skin irritation.

The compact 136ml size makes TRISLIDE perfect for travel, fitting seamlessly into your carry-on luggage. Its secure, lockable cap ensures worry-free transportation, even during flights.

Perfect for areas prone to friction, such as inner thighs, underarms, and wetsuit contact points, TRISLIDE provides unparalleled comfort. Whether you're battling shoe blisters or need help with wetsuit entry, TRISLIDE offers reliable protection. Furthermore, it's compatible with Lycra and Neoprene materials, delivering a smooth, odor-free experience.

With TRISLIDE, enjoy uninterrupted protection against friction, even in demanding conditions. Simply spray onto problem areas for instant relief and a second-skin sensation. Stay comfortable and focused on your performance with TRISLIDE.

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