SURPASS Natural Anti-Chafing Chamois Cream


SURPASS Chamois Cream helps to eliminate the risk of saddle sores and discomfort when riding, mountain biking or gravel grinding. Our sensitive ensitive cream helps to rehydrate and regenerate sensitive skin areas, reducing the chance of rubbing and inflammation after hours in the saddle.

Specially developed SURPASS Chamois Cream unique blend of Organic Buriti, Coconut, Sesame and Castor oils, Shea Butter and Beeswax provides water and sweat-proof, extremely durable barrier that at the same time increases the elasticity and fortify the skin for activity, protecting it from irritation even on the longest rides.

Ultimate Comfort Formula contains Panthenol and Allantoin for faster and more effective regeneration of already irritated skin. The addition of antiseptic eucalyptus oil provides a subtle cooling-relief feeling, allowing you to enjoy continuous rides in full comfort and exceeding your own limits.

➤ The SURPASS-CARE brand attaches great importance to nature and varied ecological production, thanks to which the composition of our unique CHAMOIS CREME is based on 96% Natural Origin Ingredients and the product itself has not been tested on animals.

➤ PETROLATUM & PARAFFIN FREE - The protective barrier of our unique Chamois Creme, compared to similar anti-chafing products, does not contain petrolatum and paraffin, which are not recommended for use in intimate areas that are most prone to discomforting abrasions.

🟥 Our NATURAL chamois cream is created for Athlete's who need an alternative to typical petroleum/paraffin-based creams. Our cream does not act as a protective film that blocks the natural functions of the skin, such as temperature regulation.everal layers, remembering to polish the surface beforehand to avoid streaks.