SURPASS After Sport Hair & Body Wash for Men


 Accelerates Recovery After Intense Activity: Our men's body wash is specially designed for athletes and helps to restore energy and accelerate recovery after strenuous exercise.

  SEPITONIC Magnesium Boosted Formula: Our unique formula includes the SEPITONIC 3M complex, which boosts oxygenation, improves skin texture, and acts as an oxidation stress shield, providing excellent support for skin of any age.

  Moisturizes and Improves Skin Texture: Our SURPASS Body Wash improves the absorption of nutrients, moisturizes, and accelerates skin regeneration, visibly improving skin texture.

  Replenishes Energy Lost During Strenuous Exercise: Our SURPASS Hair & Body Wash replenishes energy lost during workouts and helps to relieve sore and strained muscles, providing excellent support for athletes at any level.

 Invigorating Fragrance: With a hint of fresh Jasmine and Lemon, our athlete hair and body wash stimulates the senses, replenishes energy, and keeps hair and skin looking strong and healthy even after an intense workout.