How to pack to the swimming pool?

How to pack to the swimming pool?

Do you have trouble packing your bag for the swimming pool? If you do, here is the list of what to take and why.

Swimsuit or trunks
Bring them if you want to have a swim and fun at the pool. For women one-piece would be the best choice as it won’t slip off when you jump or get undone when you swim. A bikini would do fine if you make sure it won’t slip off. Men can take tight fitting trunks or swim shorts as they’ll do fine while swimming, diving or going down a swimming pool slide. Loose swim shorts are uncomfortable because they aren’t water-repellent and they can slip off when you get out of the pool. They’re perfect to wear at the beach.

Swim slides shoes, flip-flops
Take swim slides shoes or flip-flops to protect your feet against bacteria and fungi when you’re walking by the pool and in the changing room. The best choice would be water-repellent swim slide shoes or flip-flops made of rubber or rubber foam as they dry off quickly.

Swim cap
Swim caps come in different colours and materials (you can choose a silicone or a fabric one). Even if you don’t feel like wearing one, it’s a must when you have long hair or want to enter a sports swimming pool. A swim cap protects your hair from soaking up chlorinated water, which makes your hair very dry because it contains antibacterial agents. A swim cap will also protect other swimmers from hairs floating at the bottom and on the surface of the water. You may not be allowed to enter the pool if you don’t have a cap. Sometimes a lifeguard might lend you one. Always remember to take your own swim cap.

Bring a towel. After swimming it’s nice to dry off your body and dry your hair with a towel. If you bring one, you’ll feel warmer at the pool. To feel comfortable after swimming and taking a shower, use a towel which feels good against your skin to dry your body and hair. To squeeze excess water from your hair take an extra towel. Remember not to share your towel with anybody and leave it at a safe and dry place if possible.

Swimming goggles
If you’re a good swimmer, like diving or if you’re afraid that chlorinated water may enter your eyes, bring swimming goggles. Wear goggles to prevent your eyes from getting irritated and to have better vision while swimming. Get your own comfortable fit goggles which accommodate to the shape of your face. Choose ones that reduce leakage.
Did you know that it’s really important to choose the right goggles for junior swimmers? Too small or too big goggles or even ones with too smoke coloured lens can damage the child’s eyesight and eyes. There’s a great choice of junior swimming goggles on offer so you can get a pair fitted to your child. Get swimming goggles with lenses that won’t distort vision and damage your child’s eyesight.

What skin and hair care products to use after swimming?
Before jumping into the pool and after swimming wash your body and hair using gentle products. TRISWIM products are recommended as they neutralize chlorine and its odour. Washing your body before swimming wash off microorganisms which react with chlorine in pool water so that chloramines are created which irritate and dry out your skin and hair and produce chlorine odour. Always remember to take a shower after swimming. Use TRISWIM products to wash off chlorine, neutralize the negative effects of chlorine on the hair and skin and to reduce skin and hair dryness and irritation.
TRISWIM shampoo and body wash remove chlorine from your hair and body and neutralize chlorine odour, restore the skin’s natural slightly acidic pH level (taking a shower and swimming in chlorinated water change your skin’s pH balance). TRISWIM conditioner leaves your hair hydrated, soft and scented. It also helps comb it out. TRISWIM body lotion nourishes dry skin making it soft and leaving fresh citrus scent.

More things to take to the pool

Spare underwear
Pack spare underwear and socks to feel fresh after swimming and taking a refreshing shower.

Hairdryers are usually provided in changing rooms, but you can take your own.

Hairbrush, comb
Comb out your hair after swimming. Always use your own hairbrush or comb.

Before going to the pool tick the items on the checklist:

1. Swimsuit or trunks
2. Flip-flops
3. Swim cap
4. Towel
5. Swimming goggles
6. TRISWIM skin and hair care products
7. Spare underwear
8. Hairdryer
9. Hairbrush or comb

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