The whole truth about CHLORINE.

Why normal soap doesn’t work?

Main issues with the skin and hair after swimming:

  • dry/itchy skin
  • smell of chlorine
  • dry/tangled hair

Why is this happening?

Obligatory water protection

The chlorine is an effective agent when it comes to water disinfection. Thanks to its properties the chlorine is used in pools, at water parks and SPAs.

Chlorine bonds

The chlorine interferes with our skin and hair, leaving a chlorine coating covering our whole body. That’s why you can smell the annoying chlorine odour after swimming.

Irritates skin and hair

As if the chlorine odour was not enough, it dries your skin and hair. Due to its disinfectant properties your skin stays extra dry and irritated. It also affects your hair which may become tangled, damaged (split ends) or even the colour can be stripped out.

Normal soap is not enough

Ordinary soaps, shampoos and shower gels don’t work because they are simply not able to neutralize and penetrate the chlorine coating on your skin and hair.Chlorine after swimming in the pool, if it is not neutra