TRISWIM Body Lotion For Swimmers 250ml

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  • TRISWIM Swimmer's Lotion works to neutralize Chlorine odor. Our Lotion will heal and soothe dry skin and leave you feeling refreshed and healthy.
  • BENEFITS: TRISWIM's Lotion hydrates and moisturizes swimmers & active individuals' skin with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5. This lotion is perfect for swimmers and active individuals who seek to protect and build stronger, healthier skin.
  • HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE: The peach and orange blossom scent appeals to everyone. Our lotion both smells great and is made paraben-free, gluten-free & without animal-testing. TRISWIM has protected both animals and swimmers of all ages since 2004.
  • FOR ALL SWIMMERS: Daily swim workouts, exercising in the water or lounging around by the pool or at the beach? TRISWIM, the Official Swimmers' Hair & Skin Care product for United States Masters Swimming. The lotion will keep your skin extremely moisturized, healthy and soft!
  • INGREDIENTS: TRISWIM's Chlorine Removal Lotion contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 that assist in restoring burned skin and reduce peeling. The specifically-designed formula protects and heals swimmers skin from harsh drying elements.
  • TRISWIM is the #1 rated  Hair & Skin Care product by United States Masters Swimming


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